Good attendance is key to your child being able to fulfil their potential and make good progress in school. One of the most important ways a parent can support the education of their child and ensure the child’s social, emotional and academic development is to ensure they attend every day and on time.

St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School is a Rights Respecting school.

Article 28 – All children have the right to a good quality education.

This can only be achieved if your child is attending school and has a good level of attendance. 95% attendance is regarded as the minimum acceptable level of attendance. At St. Mary’s we are striving for every child to achieve a minimum of 96% attendance.



The children of St. Mary’s have been set a new attendance challenge for the current academic year. Each class has been assigned a token from the classic game Monopoly. We have created our very own Monopoly board featuring significant places around St. Mary’s including local metro stations.

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As the tokens move around the board the children will be given the chance to build up their savings in order to cash it in for rewards for the class.