Key Stage 1 – Figure Analysis 2016


  • Pupils make good progress through the school from their different starting points. When compared with pupils nationally and locally in 2016, the attainment of Year 2 pupils was high in all subjects.
  • Reliable school assessment information which is checked by the local authority, robust monitoring, tracking and analysing systems in school indicate that all pupils are making good progress. This is consistent across subjects.
  • The overall proportions of children reaching the expected standard in the all-important combined reading, writing and mathematics is 73% compared with 67% locally.
  • At Reading 90% attained the standard with 37% above the standard; Writing is 80% (at) and 17% (above) ; Maths is 77% and 30%.
  • The test and curriculum for 2016 was significantly more challenging and the figures show a rising trend on the 2015 Level 2b (expected) and Level 3 (better than expected) standard.
  • Whilst the attainment of the disadvantaged pupils was lower than the rest of the class, all achieved well. This is as a result of the pupils receiving tailored, high-quality intervention and additional support in class.
  • The most able pupils made good progress. Consistently more pupils at St Mary’s achieved the working at greater depth standard than locally in reading and maths. Pupils achieve well because, teachers know who the most able pupils are and provide challenging tasks to stretch them even further.

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KS1 Data Analysis 2016