A huge well done to Ashton, Ellin, Kaila and Niamh who were victorious in winning the Spelling Bee final at the Open Zone in the Word following their impressive performance in the heats last week.

The girls of year 5 were triumphant, but it was a very close call between them and Simonside Primary as both teams drew and had to take part in the Knockout round.

They competed in 4 individual rounds and 3 team rounds, one of which included some very tricky conundrums. These are the jumbled words we were faced with, so let’s see if your skills match theirs!

  1. c o c a s u i t
  2. a l g a e g u n
  3. a c a m e l b u n
  4. e a t e n m r o w l
  5. t o e n a i l t r a i l